Investor Supplement

“Investing Your Retirement Plan Account” Newsletter

Gaining investment experience at the workplace is a significant employee benefit. It leads to more confident decision making while working and saving, and appropriate decisions during retirement. It helps the investor, and the people they know.

While investors have access to an abundance of investment tools and information they frequently have questions about where to start and how to keep up?

Self-direction, self-research, self-organization, & self-monitoring:

The ‘asset allocation’ decision is a recurring process, and an important key to understanding risk and return for a given portfolio. A newsletter format provides recurring news and education about the similarities and differences among a plan’s actual investments saves investors time, and can lead to more informed decision making.

Reducing time along with more informed decision making, result in beneficial outcomes for company retirement plans.

All employees must invest time getting to know a plan’s investment choices, selecting among them, monitoring how the fund performed, and what other options are available to them.

The quarterly supplement provides customized content for each plan, with no advertising content or provider branding. Information areas can include a glossary of terms, fee and expense disclosures, investment descriptions, risk analysis, investment objectives, and a neutral presentation of investment details.

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